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Our team understands the work involved in getting these documents to the table and you can count on us to ensure the smoothest possible process.

    • Immediate Service

      We understand the urgency this industry can demand - that's why you'll reach a live voice every time you call our office. Every member of our staff is fully trained and ready to assist you with any potential situation.

      Keeping it Simple

      We've built tools to make your job easier. Request a signing, drag your docs onto the order, and we'll take care of the rest. Our web app is simple and quick, and keeps you informed on the status of your closing every step of the way. Within 15 minutes of placing your order, we'll notify you with the signing agent's details, and your signers will be contacted to confirm their appointment.

      Certified Closing Agents

      We pride ourselves on keeping on top of changes in the mortgage industry. When new laws are passed in any individual state across the nation, we immediately update our closing agent database to match the new requirements. All of our closing agents are pre-screened, trained and qualified before we assign them to an appointment. Our online apps will notify each individual notary of any specific requirements you may have for any individual loan.

      Electronic Document Delivery

      The NotarySigningService Notary Network delivers a powerful advantage to fund more loans. Loan Documents can be dragged from your desktop directly onto our web app, where they'll be securely transferred to the signing agent. This cost effective solution to shipping costs and delivery delays expedites the loan process for both the client and the borrower. We have developed streamlined techniques to ensure the success of these closings, including our ability to reformat any set of electronic documents into easily printed packages.

      How It Works

      Requesting a notary is easier and more efficient than ever. Simply contact us to get set up. Once we've created your account, you can access our website and request closings online. The borrower's information is automatically submitted to our processing system, and you will be emailed a notary confirmation within 15 minutes.


      NotarySigningService service costs are on a volume based pricing system. We offer competitive rates and the most advanced web applications in the industry. Call us at 415.653.3772 for a quote and to place your first order.

      How to Open an Account

      Contact us to get started.